Big WHACK and Fries! McDonald’s Employee Goes Crazy…

One customer was certainly not ‘lovin’ it’ after a McDonald’s worker lost his cool and beat up a guest whom he claimed had ‘disrespected’ him.

As soon as the video begins fists are already seen to be flying.

The worker, dressed in black, looks to be virtually sitting on top of the customer who is laid out on the floor.

‘Somebody call the police please!’, shouts a woman who can be heard in the background.

The punches then come at an astonishing rate from both the right and left smacking the man about the head and in his face.

The guest has no chance to recover, nor is able to defend himself as he is struck continuously with tremendous force.

‘I’ve got customers in the dining room!’ the woman yells back at her staff member to no effect whatsoever.

‘I’m gonna kill you n****!’, the staff member says as he continues to pummel the man.

Despite being on the floor, the guest tries to pull the employee to the ground by grabbing both of his legs, however the tactic fails to work.

The worker instead grabs a tray of food and drinks, smashing it over the victims head with the soda drenching him and splashing everywhere.

Another worker in the back shrieks as the beating continues for a few seconds more. ‘Go on out the door!’ she demands.

After the tray of food was thrown, the worker ends his brutal attack by kicking the victim one final time before walking off.

It’s not clear where or when the video was taken, however it was posted to and has received more than 400,000 views so far.


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