The 10-Day Green-Tox: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes To Maximize Your Results

Could A Green-Tox Benefit You?




The New York Times bestselling 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse will jump-start your weight loss, increase your energy level, clear your mind, and improve your overall health.

Made up of supernutrients from leafy greens and fruits, green smoothies are filling and healthy and you will enjoy drinking them. Your body will also thank you for drinking them as your health and energy improve to levels you never thought possible. It is an experience that could change your life if you stick with it!

This book provides a shopping list, recipes, and detailed instructions for the 10-day cleanse, along with suggestions for getting the best results. It also offers advice on how to continue to lose weight and maintain good health afterwards.

Are you ready to look slimmer, healthier, and sexier than you have in years? Then get ready to begin the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse!

If you successfully complete the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, you will…
• Lose 10–15 pounds in 10 days
• Get rid of stubborn body fat, including belly fat
• Drop pounds and inches fast, without grueling workouts
• Learn to live a healthier lifestyle of detoxing and healthy eating
• Naturally crave healthy foods so you never have to diet again
• Receive over 100 recipes for various health conditions and goals

Additional Recipes That Can Help You Flush The Pounds

32 oz. Warm or lukewarm water
2 tsp. Sea Salt

TIP: It is recommended that this is consumed within 15 minutes, or as fast as possible, so that it has the best ‘flushing’ effect on your system. This can be difficult as it doesn’t taste that great, but I imagined it tasting like chicken broth without the chicken flavor, which helps. I also preferred drinking it warm or semi-hot (so that it was easier to drink down faster) as it didn’t seem as salty.

TIP: Beware of the immediate effects! The flush can start working as quickly as 15-20 minutes after finishing it. Be prepared to frequent the toilet for about an hour or maybe two (depending on how long it took you to finish it). You will literally PEE out of your butt, but it’s not painful. If you feel like you have to fart during this time (or during any time while cleansing) it most likely is NOT a fart… Just go to the toilet to be safe!

1 Serving
2 tbsp. fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice (no substitutes!)
2 tbsp. Grade B Organic Maple Syrup
1/10 tsp. cayenne pepper
8 oz. spring/distilled water at room temperature

6 Servings (can be made in a 64 oz. bottle)
3/4 cup fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice
3/4 cup Grade B Organic Maple Syrup
6/10 tsp. (rounded 1/2 tsp.) cayenne pepper
6 cups spring/distilled water

TIP: I took a 64 oz. plastic juice container, taking the label off completely. I then measured out each ingredient that’s supposed to go into the container with water, marking each ingredient added with a line using permanent marker. So, I measured out 3/4 cup of water (for the lemon juice), poured in the bottle, and marked a line on the bottle; then measured another 3/4 cup of water (for the syrup), added to the bottle, marked another line; poured in another 6 cups of water and marked a final line on the bottle. I figured that measuring out the maple syrup accurately would be much easier to pour it straight into the bottle, rather than having to transfer the syrup from spoon to bottle as it is super sticky. Plus, there’s less clean-up! Now you can make 6 servings (the minimum daily amount recommended) of lemonade each morning, just add ingredients to the bottle and shake it up!
TIP: Not all lemons yield the same amount of juice. I would juice up about ten lemons and save the juice in a bottle in the fridge. That way I would have enough juice for a few days, and when I ran out, I would just juice some more. I used a plastic hand juicer I found at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for $5.

1 Carrot
1 Onion
1 Celery Stalk
1 Zucchini
2 Red Potatoes
1 cup Broccoli
1 cup Cauliflower
1 Green Bell Pepper
2 Roma Tomatoes
5 leaves Fresh Basil
1 clove Minced Garlic (or 1 tsp. dried minced garlic)
1/2 cup uncooked Brown Rice
1 tsp. Sea Salt
1 tsp. Cayenne Pepper
32 oz. Organic Vegetable Broth

Chop all ingredients into bite size pieces. Put all vegetables, rice, and seasonings into a large pot. Add vegetable broth; add additional water until all the vegetables are covered. Bring to a boil. Cover and simmer on low for 2-2.5 hours.


Put all vegetables, rice, and seasonings in a large crock pot/slow cooker. Add broth and additional water until vegetables are covered. Cook on low for 6-8 hours. Add additional water if the soup is very thick.

TIP: You can use whatever veggies that you like, this is my combination of vegetables that I like, but including a lot of what the book recommends, which is: one or two types of legumes, potatoes, celery, carrots, green vegetable tops, onion, etc. You can used dehydrated vegetables for more flavor, maybe even a little curry. But, use seasonings sparingly as it is recommended to get used to tasting the vegetables by themselves.

TIP: I made the veggie soup in the crock pot and liked that the broth turned out a little thicker than if you made it on the stove. This is partly because of the rice being cooked so long, but it also stewed the vegetables more so the broth was a little more flavorful. Expect the soup to be pretty bland, especially if you were used to eating savory things before. This recipe should be plenty for the broth, soup for dinner, and soup for lunch when coming off the cleanse. My friend Jenny cooked the soup the night before and then just put it in the fridge for the next day. Her vegetables stayed more in tact, so if you’re looking forward to crunching on something for that first soup dinner, making the soup on the stove would be to your advantage.

LIST OF SUPPLIES (everything you’ll need)

10 gallons Spring or Distilled Water
30-40 Lemons
3-4 750ml bottles of Grade B Maple Syrup (I found mine at Trader Joe’s)
1 small bottle Cayenne Pepper (found in the seasoning section at any supermarket)
1 bottle Sea Salt (also found at Trader Joe’s)
1 box Herbal Laxative Tea or Senna Tea (Triple Leaf Herbal Laxative OR Smooth Move Tea)
(didn’t see this at Trader Joe’s, they might have had it, but found it at Clark’s)

TIP: I drank only six servings a day and went through less than 30 lemons, as my lemons were quite juicy, and I used a hand juicer so I could get as much juice as possible. I also went through just about 3 bottles of maple syrup (I didn’t think I’d need that much!). But, if you decided you want to drink 8 servings a day, be prepared with an extra bottle of syrup and extra lemons.

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